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 Alexa Brandt, West Village- Christopher-6th, NYC         2019

Professional Organizer Reco: Effective & Affordable


I am a big believer in helping spread the word about great small businesses and services. Thanks to NextDoor and a neighbor’s helpful post, I learned about Jennifer Marcu and her professional organizing business, There's No Place Like Home. I wound up hiring her in January and had such a positive experience that I wound up working with her for over 15 hours to clean out my one bedroom West Village apartment. The results were game-changing, and Jennifer was a pleasure to work with. Here are a few reasons why I liked her:

+I have intended to clean out my apartment for the past six months (and yes Marie Kondo’s show on Netflix had something to do with it!), but I really needed an accountability partner to make it happen. Jennifer was the perfect partner to keep me on task.

+She was highly responsible, always on-time to our appointments (and confirmed in advance), and professional. Her talents far exceed her hourly rate (which is quite reasonable, and I have worked with a few different organizers ranging from TaskRabbits to private companies).

+She was equally invested in my organization project as I was! She has a natural enthusiasm for helping others achieve their vision for their home, and was even able to tackle things without me providing instruction. That was my favorite part because I always felt I needed to pre-clean and organize before an organizer came over, but Jennifer made it clear that wasn’t the case. I didn’t need to do anything before she arrived - that is what I was paying HER for!

+She immediately felt like a friend or even a sister, which made me feel comfortable in her presence. If you are looking for someone to help support you on a clean out or organization project in your home or office, I would encourage you to explore her services and decide if they are a fit for your needs. As a plus, she lives in the neighborhood


John DuQuette, West 23rd-11th, NYC         2019

A really super organizer and home/office arranger — Jen "There’s No Place Like Home"


Many months ago I saw a posting here about a "professional organizer." The short story is that Jennifer M. ( did a phenomenal job of sorting through all my crap (I mean "fine things!"), arranging it all, making better use of space, labeling, sorting and helping me choose where to shed excess detritus. (She does not ever throw away anything — though she'll leave things for you to go through and decide for yourself.) My space is zoned live/work and is used that way. It is used as "live" like 20% and "worK" like 80%. I wanted to downplay the "live" aspect so that it was more professional for both the current employees and potential employees or professionals walking in the door for the first time. I wanted to be able to quickly straighten up and close the door of a single room if i wanted the whole space to have no sign that it was used as anything more than a tech office. Thanks to Jennifer M., this is largely accomplished, and any shortcomings that remain are my doing and not hers! So, even though her web site and business is called "There's No Place Like Home," she is, I can assure you, equally adept at helping you with your work/office space. Jennifer also has a background in textile design and she has worked with, and for, some very prestigious and discerning people in a variety of capacities. She will not only organize your stuff but make sure your space looks and feels better to be in. She will bring with her and/or go purchase any sort of thing she needs to make your space look better and work better (with your approval of course) — whether it be dividers from "The Container Store" (where she will get you a discount) or tasteful canisters she spied at Marshall's (where nothing is expensive) that work well for your situation —  and that she picked up with you in mind. Jennifer is fun to be around and her rates are reasonable. She will minimize the agony of what can be, at least for some people, a potentially painful ordeal. She will accomplish where you have tried and failed, or started and never finished, despite the best of intentions. Her results will be better than if you had managed to finish the job yourself — which, let's face it, you probably have not and never will (or else I you would have stopped reading by now!). I am just a client, not in any way part of her company.

Debra Beth Chelsea (W17-7th-W14-8th) NYC       2019

Jennifer gave me the inspiration to get organized. She spent an agreed upon amount of time and made suggestions for me, that I otherwise would not have thought of. I had seen her name/business here, so a big thanks to my neighbors for the referral.


Richard Roepnack, West Village (Christopher-Washington)NYC       2019

Jennifer helped me overcome and re(organize) the largest obstacles in my office: namely my resistance and my bad habits.She did this with a deft touch and a patient calm (which I tested daily and dearly). Jennifer has accomplished a Herculean feat while maintaining a warm-hearted, good spirited and focused work ethic to the projects at hand, and her ongoing work has freed me up to run my business.

Working with There’s No Place Like Home and Jennifer was an incredible experience. My apartment went from being an insurmountable mess to a clutter free, organized enjoyable place Im proud to call home.  To my surprise and contradicting even my best thoughts, the procedure was painless. I couldn’t believe how easy going and nonjudgmental Jen was. My home is not only comfortable and cozy again, I feel like I have an entirely new lease on life. 

Thank you, There’s No Place Like Home


Denise /Director of Self Storage Development               2019

I have run a seasonal business for 25 years and had to hire probably hundreds of people.  Over that time you learn to quickly evaluate peoples strengths & weakness. When Jen started to work for me her attention to detail & organization was so pronounced that I quickly put her in charge of multiple projects I had running so she could organize and oversee them. I look forward to working with her in the future and have recommended her to many friends who are in need of organizational help.


Harris/Cassiday Studios


Victor Zurbel,Creative Director /Peter Max Studio/Office/Gallery/Design Studio

I have worked with Jennifer Marcu for several years at artist Peter Max’s studio and can attest for her fashion design and organizational skills.  Peter Max is an artist of uncommon prolificacy and diversity, and before Jennifer arrived, much of his works on paper— paintings, drawings, mixed media works, etc.— were loosely stored in art file draws unorganized, and many even unsigned.

Jennifer made copies of all the works, and organized them in two rooms full of file books— all numbered, and organized according to media, year, and subject matter. She also made the spines accessible and searchable according to media and year, with several thumbnail prints of the contents on the spine as well.

Additionally, Jennifer got Peter to sign many of the original works, which were unsigned, then paper wrapped each one and organized them as well in large flat art file cabinets. Most importantly was getting Peter’s signature and she had set up an almost daily ritual of laying out the artworks on a large signing table and bringing Peer over to sign.

Jennifer also arranged countless 35mm slides and 4X5 films according to their subject and date.

Visitors to the studio have often been awed by the voluminous body of work in the file folders when Peter takes them on tour of the studio, pulls a few out and flips the pages.

Both Jennifer’s’ skills and integrity has had Peter’s total trust in managing and organizing this highly valuable, voluminous body of work. 

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call me.

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