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  • We will resolve space & organization issues.

  • We will find individual solutions that you can live with long term.

  • With a few small changes we can reinvent your space​


  • We begin with a phone conversation to establish your objectives

  • Make an appointment to meet in the space.​​

  • We will get to know each other:

    • Talk about your expectations.

    • Areas you want to focus on.

    • What is and isn't working for you?

    • What your goals are for the outcome? ​

  • We will assess your situation, offer solutions to organize & make the most of your space and develop a strategy plan based on budget, timing & need

  • We will work with you to find solutions that are reasonable for you to maintain.

  • Together with a few small changes we can give your space a true face lift.

Organization Does Not Mean Getting Rid Of All Your Things

   We will:

  • Omit the excess.

  • Remove or replace things that waste space.

  • Implement systems to make the dysfunctional more efficient.



My passion for design and color was apparent at a very young age. The discovery of Crayola was the beginning of a clearly paved path to my future.  It resulted in a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the Fashion Institute of Technology, establishing a long career in textiles, designing prints for the home furnishings & apparel markets. ​

Over 15 years ago Peter Max hired me, he was inspired by a line of ties done by Gerry Garcia and wanted me to design a tie collection using his art.

Overtime my passion and skills for organizing became apparent to Peter, he entrusted me to archive/manage a vast collection of original drawings, mixed media and photos never shown or seen by the public. The cumulation dated from the mid 60's-90's, everything haphazardly stored in boxes, drawers and portfolios. I spent 3+ years working with him at his Upper West Side studio, resulting in a library/reference room consisting of flat files & over 500 binders cataloging everything by year subject and reference number.  Photo copies were made of all the books for use as reference and the originals are safely under lock and key.

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