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Common Questions

What Areas Do You Serve?

There's No Place Like Home primarily serves clients in Manhattan, Queens & Brooklyn.

If you’re outside that area, let’s talk about it.

What About Expenses?

Purchases made by me on your behalf will be added to the balance at the end of that day.

How Do I Pay?

Payment is requested at the end of each day of service. PayPal is the preferred method of payment, we also accept cash & checks.

What If I Have To Cancel?

Just call me up as soon as you know you have to cancel, we can reschedule.

Any cancellation made with less than a full days' notice will cost you half of the total of that day's work.

*If the day was going to be a range of hours (for example- 4-6 hours)

you will be charged half of the least amount (In this case you will be charged half of the 4 hours)

Handywork, Painting, etc...

I can research movers, handymen, auction houses, dealers or any other service you need.

In some cases, I can recommend firms that I have worked with before and that have given good service to my clients.

Assuming you accept my suggestion, you make arrangements directly with them.

I can’t negotiate on your behalf or take responsibility for other firms’ actions or performance.

What About Accidents?

There's No Place Like Home, follows a “reasonable care” standard in the performance of its duties.

This means that I will be very careful with your personal property but can’t accept legal responsibility for damage to it.

In general, any wear and tear in moving or organizing should be covered by your own property insurance.

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